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Radiation from an Accelerated Point Charge

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pankajsharan's picture 24-05-22 11:05:14

Fields from a Point Charge

Node id: 443pdf_document
pankajsharan's picture 24-05-22 11:05:14

Fields for Arbitrary Charge and Current Densities

Node id: 442pdf_document
pankajsharan's picture 24-05-22 11:05:14

Green's Function for the Helmholtz and the Wave Equations

Node id: 441pdf_document
pankajsharan's picture 24-05-22 11:05:14

Generalized Functions

Node id: 439pdf_document
pankajsharan's picture 24-05-22 11:05:14

Maxwell's Equations

Node id: 438pdf_document
pankajsharan's picture 24-05-22 11:05:14

Units and Dimensions

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pankajsharan's picture 24-05-22 11:05:14 n


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The workflow, time allotment to different activities of Proofs program are divided into several compartments.

This is a log file

kapoor's picture 24-05-21 22:05:59 n

[NOTES/CM-10003] Four Types of Canonical Transformations

Node id: 6251page

A canonical transformation is a change of variables \((q,p) \rightarrow (Q,P)\) in phase space such that the Hamiltonian form of equations of motion is preserved. Depending choice of independent variables we have four special cases of canonical transformations., Generating functions for the four cases are introduced and details of the four cases are discussed.

kapoor's picture 24-05-20 16:05:33 n

[NOTES/CM-10002] A Summary Finite Canonical Transformations

Node id: 6258page

Important relations of four types of transformations are summarized.

kapoor's picture 24-05-20 07:05:43 n

[NOTES/CM-10009] Examples of Canonical Transformation

Node id: 6260page
kapoor's picture 24-05-19 21:05:13 n

[NOTES/CM-10004] Infinitesimal Canonical Transformations --- Examples

Node id: 6259page
kapoor's picture 24-05-19 14:05:23 n

[DOC/Latex/Macros] Freq-Used-Macros

Node id: 6231page
kapoor's picture 24-05-19 12:05:39 n

[NOTES/CM-10013] Time Evolution as Canonical Transformation

Node id: 6255page
kapoor's picture 24-05-19 10:05:40 n

[NOTES/CM-10012] Continuous Symmetry Transformation

Node id: 6254page
kapoor's picture 24-05-19 10:05:16 n

[NOTES/CM-10011] Infinitesimal Canonical Transformation

Node id: 6253page
kapoor's picture 24-05-19 10:05:52 n

[NOTES/CM-10010] Group Structure of Canonical Transformations

Node id: 6252page
kapoor's picture 24-05-19 10:05:36 n

[NOTES/CM-10008] Examples --- Canonical Transformations

Node id: 6249page

Several examples on canonical transformations are given.

kapoor's picture 24-05-19 08:05:33 n

some title here

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kapoor's picture 24-05-19 07:05:38 n

DOC/ Preprocessing Latex source code file

Node id: 6250page
kapoor's picture 24-05-19 06:05:47 n