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[NOTES/ME-08004]-Sideways Deflection of a Freely Falling Body

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Repository-III :: Diverse Resources for Evaluation and Assessment

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The Evaluation and Assessment resources are broadly classified into three cognitive levels.

Resources for Class Room Tests and  Examinations

Level-I :: Recalling and Understanding

CCQ/QM-23 Scattering in TIme Dependent Formalism of Quantum Mechanics

Level-II :: Applying and Analyzing 

Level-III :: Evaluating, Synthesizing, Creating and More

  • This is a repository of resources for evaluation and assessment.
  • Teachers and experts will find it useful for planning tests, quiz and examinations. 
  • This collection is  meant primarily for internal use of Proofs program.
  • One of the important features  of this collection is that the items included are broadly classified according to the level of difficulty and usage etc.
  •  When development stage of  a critical minimum mass is reached, this repository is expected to serve a variety of purposes such as diagnostic, formative and summative assessments.
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[NOTES/ME-08003]-Effect of Earth's Rotation --Centrifugal Force

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[NOTES/ME-08002]-Acceleration in a rotating frame

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[NOTES/ME-08001]-Motion in Linearly Accelerated Frames

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[NOTES/ME-06007]-no title

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[NOTES/ME-06005]-Bounded Motion --- Oscillations Around Minimum

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AK-47's picture 22-08-14 18:08:12

[NOTES/ME-06004]-Stable, Unstable and Neutral Equilibria

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[NOTES/QM-13004] General Properties of Motion in One Dimension

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kapoor's picture 22-08-14 18:08:46

[LNU/QM-13002] Dirac Delta Function Potential

Node id: 2087page
kapoor's picture 22-08-14 18:08:31

[NOTES/PD-007] Partial Differential Equations --- Expansion in Orthogonal Functions

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Info Page-4 :: Terms used and their definitions

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[MORE/EM-09001] Ballastic Galvanometer

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About Proofs Resources

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Proofs Help and Information

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[NOTES/ME-06003]-Time Period of Oscillations--Method-1

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[NOTES/ME-02003]-Euler Angles

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[NOTES/ME-02007]-Einstein Summation Convention

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[NOTES/ME-02008]-Active and Passive Rotation

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