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Help A simple function plotter for plotting function, derivative or integral (upto 3 items per plot), and saving the plot as image.

Plot & use

Plot upto 3 functions (or their Derivatives/Integrals!) and save as a single image file.

Insert these graphs from workspace into any webpage, or download and use.

This simple to use function plotter is based on a great web-based plotting tool "openPlaG".

For details of the example functions, see the plot help.

See also

There are several online tools available for plotting functions. See, for example, "Online function grapher", "Graphical Function Explorer", "Interactive mathematics", "2D/3D function plotter", "FooPlot", "Function plotter", 

[Note: Creating graphs from data points is done by charting tools (e.g. "Flot", "jqPlot", "DyGraphs", "jsxGraph".)]

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Get started!

A content author can create/edit a plot page which has 3 regions - Body (with summary), Note and Body2.

When a plot page is viewed, Body is displayed above the plot, Note is displayed here on the left of the plot (this text, for example, is in the Note region) and Body2 is displayed below the plot.

In your plot page, you can insert clickable plot links (like sin(x)),  which will draw plots. When used in Note Mode, You can use the Note as a tutorial containing properly inserted plot links. Inserting a plot link (anywhere in the plot page) is easy.

Plot links

In the content being edited using the HTML editor, (clickable) links to functions can be placed in any of the 3 content regions - Body, Note or Body2.

To insert a clickable plot link- 

  • Type in the function text.
  • Select the function text and make it a link.
  • Set the link URL as 1 or 2 or 3 for plotting it as function 1 or 2 or 3.
  • To plot derivative of function (say, 1), put 1/d as URL.
  • To plot integral of function (say, 1), put 1/i as URL.

Important: In the editor, use Advanced tab in Insert/Edit Link popup to set link class as plot.