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A Site For Teachers, Learners and Authors

This is a FREE-to-USE authoring environment for learning content creators. Site-users with authoring permission can create, organize and manage their learning content in one place. This site is not for content monetization.

The maintainers of this site hope that a free-for-all content repository will develop though the contributed content by the registered authors.

Main features of the authoring environment:

Recent authors

Authoring Environment and Tools

The feature rich authoring tools let you create a wide variety of conveniently formatted content. [Login account needed for creating, saving and sharing content at this website.]

  • What You See is What You Get HTML Editor supports mathematical expressions and allows you to embed Youtube videos.
  • You can try the editor without creating an account. However, if you have an account, you can create web-pages, save and share.
  • You can compactify large content into Tabs and Accordion.
  • The Function Plotter lets you interactively plot 3 functions, their derivatives and indefinite integral in one go.
  • You can create instructive plot pages with single-click plot links. [Login account needed to be an author.]
  • The drawing editor provides a canvas to draw shapes, insert images and put text. An author can create drawings, saves them and insert them in web pages.
  • A path diagram editor lets you create boxes of content and connect them with line or arrows.

Sample Content Pages

To explore the potential of the authoring environment, have a look at a few published content pages.

  • Content web pages with images can be easily create with the help of the provided HTML editor.
  • You can attach a PDF file to show its content in an embedded PDF viewer.
  • For small PDF document, there is an option to automatically convert its pages into images for slideshow type viewing.
  • A content page with links arranged as collapsible tree can serve as a Table of Content. You can share your web pages though various channels.
  • Links on a Table of Content type page can open in an embedded frame on the same page.
  • In order to curate content on some topic, you can upload your PDFs or give links to Internet resources.
  • The curated PDFs can be viewed using an embedded PDF viewer.
  • There are many convenient features like tabs and collapsible accordion to compactify a complex document multiple sections, each having multiple subsections..
  • Multi-step pages can be easily created to guide a learner step-by-step.
  • To recommend a learning path, you can create a path diagram consisting of related boxes of content.
  • You can not only insert Youtube video links on a page conveniently, but also created a playlist in which you can control the portion of the video to be played.