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Making Android App using Drupalgap

This is step by step guide for making andriod app using drupalgap.


fgets() Reads a String through the Keyboard

Using gets() for taking input in C gives some warning. To avoid this, we used fgets() method. It is very interesting and easy to use.

#include <stdio.h>

Python Code for extracting pattern

Uses lists and slicing in python

Reverse string using recursion

I am very excited. I got this program....

Python Script for modifying file contents

Hello Friends,

Presently, I am working with PHP (Specially modifying some script which is already written by some one else). I have to add code for session expire after 30 minutes. It is about more than 70 files in which i have to add following code segments :-

These lines go inside PHP Tag

$expireAfter = 30;

 //Check to see if our last action session

//variable has been set.

My M.Tech Thesis and Final Presentation

With this blog, i am sharing my M.Tech Thesis and final presentation.

Online Learning Tools: Wolfram|Alpha - Computation Knowledge Engine

"Wolfram|Alpha is an engine for computing answers and providing knowledge.

It works by using its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to automatically answer questions, do analysis, and generate reports."

Uncertainty Principle : An Application Straight from Landau Lifshitz

In this blog I take you to an original argument in the book, by Landau Lifshitz's on Qunatum Mechanics, about using uncertainty principle to determine if the number of bound states  for a potential will  be finite or infinite.  

Extracting edge information from ".gml" file

Hello friends,

I am working with 'networkx". I am using .gml file for storing my node and egde information of Social network graph. My supervisior was in need of edge information of my Social network graph. So, i have written this script for him.


#open edgelist file

Proposed Physics Content on 0space (Part-I ): Important features.

When did you first come across a serial some where? You may or may not remember, but I do.