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Welcome to the Home Page of Proofs programme.

My major activity is authoring Physics content and making it available on  This activity is named as 'Physics Resources Online Open and Free Source'

For any queries send email  to

 Most useful and user friendly link for Proofs resources is here

The resources made available under  Proofs program are organized as different  COLLECTIONS
and  fall into three broad categories and are meant to be used for.

  1. Teaching and learning
  2. Training to solve problems
  3. Evaluation and Assessment.

Click for a List of All Collections

The aim of the program is to provide resources to  cater to needs of the following 
three broad categories of audience.

  1. Newbies:
    who have just started learning a new area of Physics or Mathematical Physics.

  2. Mature but Not Yet Experts:
    Research scholars and students with at least one exposure to  subject area

    more importantly who are mature but who need to revisit selected area(s).

  3. Teachers and Experts

Click for Links to important Available Resources

Team  Members  : 
Ranjan  Shrivastav,  K Srinivas and  J Shiv  Kumar
Yours  sincerely