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This is a FREE-to-USE authoring environment for learning content creators. Site-users with authoring permission can create, organize and manage their learning content in one place. This site is not for content monetization.

The maintainers of this site hope that a free-for-all-learners content repository will develop though the contributed content by the registered authors.

Main features of the authoring environment:

The basic idea is to provide a convenient authoring environment to those teachers or authors who would like to share their content freely to Internet-learners.

Many teachers regularly create course-content for their students. They might already have a lot of content- ranging from course lecture handouts to small pieces like a note on one specific topic or the solution of a single problem. If shared, these could also become available and useful for self-initiated learners anywhere.

With the the help of this browser-based authoring environment, (Mathematics and Science) teachers can quickly create new content, curate available personal and Internet resources, and publish and share them. The content created and published here is freely available to the learners. It can also be reused with little effort by any teacher to create new content for her/his course.

Let us take a closer look.

A content laboratory

This content creation laboratory is for students, teachers, content authors and general users-

  • to experiment with online tools to create neatly presented pages, to plot functions, to draw and to create path,
  • to organize, and (re)use learning content created here or available on Internet,
  • to communicate, discuss, and share.


The authoring environment is more like a laboratory with several tools to explore the challenges involved in authoring content for online use. It is -

  • made up of content, tools, users,  workspaces,
  • browser-based (no software installation needed),
  • can be used for creating online courses.
  • not for live courses
  • no test/quiz support,
  • limited contributed content available


We are developing this site  -

  • to provide an environment that facilitates collaborative learning content development,
  • to develop a community (particularly in India of subject experts/teachers and learners interested in experimenting with various teaching and learning models,
  • to develop learning content repository for context specific tailored re-use.

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