A reason why Internet is not recommended for beginners

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I could not get, withinh the time I spent a nice short description or a video explaining the scalar and vector potentials from scratch.

Here I reproduce two examples I stumbled upon, while searching for suitable page/video for a quick reminder of scalr and vector potentials. These videos on You Tube show hazards of learning from internet. I have reproduced only the relevant parts of the videos.

FIRST VIDEO : Watch from time 1:30 to 3:05 sec
The speaker cancels div in equation
\[\text {div} B = \text{div . curl }A\]
and gets \(B=\text{curl} A\)

Click to Play First Video

SECOND VIDEO: Watch from time 0:50 to 2:00 Mins
The speaker compares \[ div B = 0 \qquad \text{and} \qquad  div curl A=0 ]\  and concludes the equality
\(B=curl A\)

 Click toPlay Second Video

 If you accept the logic given in these two videos, you can prove anything equals anything.
So, for example, i
t is definitely correct that \(\text{div 5} =\text{div} 37\), because both sides are zero.
It should then follow that \(5=37\),

I wish life was a simple as made out in the two videos.
The correctness of the final answer does not justify 
the means of getting the result.

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