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This site hosts an authoring environment. E-learning content creators can create, organize and share their learning content here. (Not for content monetization). You can only share the links of your content published here.

Main features of the authoring environment:

The basic idea is to provide a convenient authoring environment to those teachers or authors who would like to share their content freely with Internet-learners. The maintainers of this site hope that a content repository will develop.

Teachers regularly create course-content for their students. They might already have a collection of lecture handouts, small notes, solutions to problems. Such content can be published here for the benefit of self-initiated learners.

This browser-based authoring environment makes it very easy for (Mathematics and Science) teachers to quickly create new content or curate available personal and Internet learning resources and share. The content created and published here can also be re-used with very little effort to create new content.


Students, teachers, content authors and general users can use this site-

  • to experiment with online tools: 1) to create neatly formatted pages, 2) to plot functions, 3) to draw and 4) to create path,
  • to organize, and (re)use learning content,
  • to communicate, discuss, and share.


The authoring environment is more like a laboratory with several tools to explore the tasks and challenges involved in content authoring. It is-

  • for authoring, publishing and sharing content
  • made up of content, tools, users,  workspaces
  • browser-based (no software installation needed)
  • can be used for creating online courses
  • not a Learning Management System
  • not for live courses
  • no test/quiz support
  • it currently has limited content


We are developing this site  -

  • to provide an environment that facilitates collaborative learning content development,
  • to develop a community (particularly in India of subject experts/teachers and learners interested in experimenting with various teaching and learning models,
  • to develop learning content repository for context specific tailored re-use.

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Recent authors

Authoring Environment and Tools

The feature rich authoring tools let you create a wide variety of conveniently formatted content. [Login account needed for creating, saving and sharing content at this website.]

  • What You See is What You Get HTML Editor supports mathematical expressions and allows you to embed Youtube videos.
  • You can try the editor without creating an account. However, if you have an account, you can create web-pages, save and share.
  • You can compactify large content into Tabs and Accordion.
  • The Function Plotter lets you interactively plot 3 functions, their derivatives and indefinite integral in one go.
  • You can create instructive plot pages with single-click plot links. [Login account needed to be an author.]
  • The drawing editor provides a canvas to draw shapes, insert images and put text. An author can create drawings, saves them and insert them in web pages.
  • A path diagram editor lets you create boxes of content and connect them with line or arrows.

Sample Content Pages

Have a look at a few published content pages created using our authoring tools.

  • Content web pages with images can be easily create with the help of the provided HTML editor.
  • You can attach a PDF file to show its content in an embedded PDF viewer.
  • For small PDF document, there is an option to automatically convert its pages into images for slideshow type viewing.
  • A content page with links arranged as collapsible tree can serve as a Table of Content. You can share your web pages though various channels.
  • Links on a Table of Content type page can open in an embedded frame on the same page.
  • In order to curate content on some topic, you can upload your PDFs or give links to Internet resources.
  • The curated PDFs can be viewed using an embedded PDF viewer.
  • There are many convenient features like tabs and collapsible accordion to compactify a complex document multiple sections, each having multiple subsections..
  • Multi-step pages can be easily created to guide a learner step-by-step.
  • To recommend a learning path, you can create a path diagram consisting of related boxes of content.
  • You can not only insert Youtube video links on a page conveniently, but also created a playlist in which you can control the portion of the video to be played.