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Chemistry formulae and equations

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The site supports typesetting chemical formulae and equation using MathJax extension mhchem.

Here are a few examples taken from the mhchem manual site.


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Classical Mechanics

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Classical Mechanics [lnk]

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Classical Mechanics (2018) :: Course given at University of Hyderabad

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Classical Mechanics-I
A course given at University of Hyderabad
Summer Semester May14 - July10 (2018)
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Classical Mechanics --- Notes for Lectures and Problems [CM-MIXED-LOT]

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  • NOTES/CM-01 Topics in Newtonian Mechanics



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Classical Mechanics :: Lecture Notes == Home-Page

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Classical Mechanics Problem Sets

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Classical Mechanics Self Study Units

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Classical Mechanics-I-::-Dec20-Mar21@CMI --- Practical Information-I

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Please visit the following page for list of topics covered, and for plans of next few lectures.

Classical Mechanics-I-::-Dec20-Mar21@CMI ---  Practical Information-II

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Classical Mechanics-I-::-Dec20-Mar21@CMI --- Practical Information-II

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Classical Mechanics-I-::-Dec20-Mar21@CMI ---  Practical Information-II

This page has a listing of  lectures delivered and  links to  draft copy of lecture notes and other resources.


For  information about topics planned in different units and useful links please visit
See also Classical Mechanics-I-::-Dec20-Mar21@CMI ---  Practical Information-I


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Classical Theories Revisited

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Click on Plus Sign

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Please Go Back

Click on Any Plus Sign, $\boxplus$, to Expand the Section

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CM-03 Action Principle (Lecture Notes)

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Prerequisites:Formulation of Euler Lagrange Equations fron Newton's Laws

Goals and Milestones:

  1. Euler Lagrange equations follow from vartaional principle known as Hamilton's principle.
  2. A symmetry transformation is a tansforamtion of generalized coordinates which leaves the Lagrangian invariant upto a total time derivative.
  3. Noether's theorem states that there exists a conserved quantity corresponding to a every contnuous  transformation which is a symmetry transformation of the acton.
  4. Learn about some well known conservation laws and corresponding symmetry transformation.

    Conservatiion of total momentumSymmetry under translations
    Conservation of \(k^\text{th}\) component of total  angular momrntumSymmetry under rotations about  \(k^\text{th}\) axis.
    In absence of exteral forces the centre of mass of a multipparticle system  moves with constant velocity.Symmetry under Galiliean transformations.
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CM-03 Action Principle (ProbSets)

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CM-05 Spherically Symmetric Potential Problems (Lecture Notes)

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CM-06 Spherically Symmetric Potentials (SSUnits)

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CM-Mod01:: Selected Problems in Newtonian Mechanics

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Bloom Category :Application and Anaysis

The problems relating to bounded motion in one dimension appear here.

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CM-Mod01:: Selected Problems in Newtonian Mechanics

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CM-Mod02 :: Euler Lagrange Equations of Motion

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CM-Mod03 :: Action Principle

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