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Addition of Angular Momenta

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  1. Sept 1, 2014 Created the page on addition of angular momenta.
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All Physics Units ---- Pankaj Sharan

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An Introduction to Dirac Delta Function

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Lectures Given as Part of a Course on Electrodynamics

Pankaj Sharan
Physics Department
Jamia MIlia Islamia, New Delhi
PIN 110025

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Answers for \(\S5 \) QUIZ From Problem Sets selected for BSARCIST Workshop

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Anti Black Box/CM03-001

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Archived Courses at Different Institutions

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arrays practice

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Authoring Environment and Tools

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Basic Page Testing Navigation

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Bits and Pieces

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As the name  itself suggests, pages  in this heirarchy are Bits and Pieces of resources. Most of these are targets of links in other pages on this site and  also in pdf files distributed by email. Links may be  provided to students, and friends alike for quickly checking some points.

The contant of most of  resources will be obvious to the experts and also an experienced students

Some Bits and Pieces are collected to fill gaps left in text books and may serve useful purpose for a beginner. Many of these might be moved or removed completely in future.

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Books - Not Sorted

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BPCS-001 Why $\sum_k f(q)_k \delta q_k=0$ implies $f_k(q)=0$

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Bundled Lessons for Downloads --- Group Theory

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C++ questions and answers

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Chapter 1 Complex Numbers

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Chapter 2 Elementary Functions and Differentiation

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Chapter 3 Functions with Branch Point Singularity

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Check Code

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W_2&=&\frac{q_1q_2}{4\pi\epsilon_0\mid\bar{r_1}-\bar{r_2}\mid} \label{eq2}\\
4\pi\epsilon_0\mid\bar{r_3}-\bar{r_2}\mid} \label{eq3}\\
}-\bar{r_4}\mid} \label{eq4}\\
r_k}\mid} \label{eq5}\\
W&=&W_1+W_2+W_3+\ldots+W_n\\ \label{eq6}
\mid\bar{r_i}-\bar{r_k}\mid} \label{eq7}.

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