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A class room poll like activity using Google Form.

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kapoor's picture 21-07-04 14:07:20 n

A card puzzle ; something to apply your physics knowldege

Node id: 2398page

A bit of histroy first: A card puzzle was originally posed by a fellow traveller to me during  train journey from Bombay to Allahabad some time in during my TIFR days (1975-78)


This page links to a

Video of a card puzzle.



Click for Hint

The puzzle can be solved by using concept from Physics called Time Reversal.  In fact any complex variation of this puzzle can be solved.

Alternatively, this video can be used as an example to illustrate the concept of  Time Reversal

kapoor's picture 20-02-08 16:02:54 n

A Course of General Relativity :: Video Lectures by T. Padmanabhan

Node id: 3193page

Here is the link to video lectures of T. Padmanabhan of a course on General Relativity and Cosmology given by Prof.T.Padmanabhan (IUCAA, Pune) at IISER, Pune during Jan-April 2009. If you use them or if you have comments, it would be appreciated if you send a mail to

kapoor's picture 20-02-08 16:02:54 n

A list of complete reference to sources of questions and problems

Node id: 2888page

This page gives an incomplete, but growing list of sources from which many problems have been compiled. Many questions and problems are obvious variations of the original one, an effort is made to list corresponding sources also. Needless to say that this task will never achieve a complete list, neverthelss it has been taken to give the credit where it is due.

The users are welcome to leave comments with  regard to source on the appropriate problem page.

kapoor's picture 20-02-08 16:02:01 n

A Mini Course on Quantum Computation @ CMI(2021)

Node id: 5275collection



hsmani's picture 22-02-11 19:02:39 n

A Mixed Bag of Resources

Node id: 3395page

This section of Warehouse contains a wide variety of resources such as:
Short Examples;
Short Questions:
Recall and Understanding  Questions;
Comprehension Check Ups
and many more, which do not fit into any other repository.
These resources are meant to be mostly used as building blocks of other resources in Proofs.
Each resource belongs to a definite topic of a definite area.

This part of the tree hierarchy is the same as that used for all other repositories.


kapoor's picture 20-02-08 16:02:30 n

A reason why Internet is not recommended for beginners

Node id: 3335blog
kapoor's picture 19-11-28 11:11:16 n

A Sample Path

Node id: 1509path

This is a path page with a path diagram.

The path page has an embedded tool - path diagram editor, which has its separate toolbar (maybe hidden - look for » button, above the path diagram on the left).

A path page may have additional text below the path diagram.

ranjan's picture 20-12-28 09:12:19 n

A Sample Video Page: Newton's Laws of Motion

Node id: 4526video_page

A video page allows one to create a playlist of only Youtube videos. This example uses only 3 videos, but several time-segments (chunks) of these 3 videos are added in the playlist.

The video chunks added in a playlist can be ordered in any desirable way.

When you put a start and end time for a video segment, it plays only for that duration automatically

You may put your notes for  

ranjan's picture 22-04-19 17:04:34 n

A Site For Teachers, Learners and Authors

Node id: 270page

This site hosts an authoring environment. E-learning content creators can create, organize and share their learning content here. (Not for content monetization). You can only share the links of your content published here.

Main features of the authoring environment:

ranjan's picture 24-01-28 10:01:29 n

A Summary of Method of Series Solution

Node id: 1754page
kapoor's picture 19-12-28 03:12:14 n

A template for Categorisation

Node id: 293page
kapoor's picture 19-12-28 03:12:17

A test page for link to pdf version

Node id: 104page
kapoor's picture 19-12-28 03:12:22 y

A Test Page for Warning before download

Node id: 3577page
kapoor's picture 21-08-24 09:08:01 n

A Time Line of Quantum Mechanics

Node id: 4893curated_content

This article gives time line of quantum mechanics in a brief and concise manner from 1879 to 1995.


"There are some really great articles on the Internet that are informative to a great extent on the timeline of Quantum Mechanics. This is one of the good ones that I found, covering the evolution of Quantum Mechanics from 1897 to 1995 in a concise manner."
(Post by Shobhit Sharma in :  Graduate student in Physics at Duke University.)

I have selection of links to time line articles  The first one is a detailed, yet concise, time line.

ashok's picture 21-11-09 05:11:26 n

A very very useful collection of links to Physics Videos.

Node id: 1131blog

Thanks to Sravan Kumar,

Here you will find to very very useful collections of links to Physics Videos.

kapoor's picture 19-12-28 03:12:19 n

About arxive article on GBC

Node id: 291page
kapoor's picture 19-12-28 03:12:17

About Classical Mechanics-I ---- CMI (Nov 20 to March 21)

Node id: 3891page

Important information related  to the 'Classical Mechanics-I' course  will appear on this page.
You do not need an account on this site

Please visit the  Moodle-Course-Site ::
Create an account and enrol yourself for Classical Mechanics-I@CMI (Dec20-March21);All course study material can be accessed and downloaded from this site.

kapoor's picture 21-05-20 16:05:34 n

About Self Paced Courses for Newbies

Node id: 4540page
kapoor's picture 21-09-03 10:09:00 n

About Stockpile of Problem Sets

Node id: 4766page




The stockpile of problems will have a variety of tutorials, practice problems, worksheets

Exercises  with online assistance etc.

These will be designed to suit a variety of requirements, including self help problem solving.

You can see some samples here:

Sample 1    Sample 2    Sample  3     Sample 4

kapoor's picture 21-10-17 19:10:03 n