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About this collection:
This is a collection of Lecture Notes on Quantum Mechanics.
An effort is made to keep the content focused on the main topics.
There is no discussion of related topics and no digression into unnecessary details.

Who may find it useful:
Any one who wants to learn or refresh all topics in standard two semester quantum mechanics courses.

Topics covered:
The list of topics covered  appears in the main body of this page.
Click on any topic to see details and links to content pages.




 Collection of Lecture Notes on Quantum Mechanics



QM-01  ::  Classical Theories Revisited

Lecture 1-1   An Overview of Classical Concepts

In classical theory the wave and particle nature are two important concepts that appear incompatible. While the particles are localized  and are characterized by well defined position and momentum, the waves exhibit interference and diffraction phenomena. In quantum theory, these seemingly incompatible properties coexist and systems exhibit dual nature. 

Lecture 1-2 :: Structure of Physical Theories

The physical theories have the following four components.
  1. States of the physical system; `Co-ordinates'  
  2. Dynamical Variables  
  3. Laws of Motion  
  4. Forces Interactions 

The above components are described for the classical mechanics. The details of the description changes when a transition is made from classical to the quantum theory.

 Lecture 1-3   Concepts that changed from classical to quantum theory
Several concepts changed and had to be revised and new ones had to be introduced  in transition from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics. Two most important  examples being wave particle duality and  uncertainty relation for canonically conjugate variables.

QM-02  ::  A Quick Review of Vector Spaces

Lecture 2 : Vector Spaces For Quantum Mechanics   Click Here

 QM-03  ::  Inner Product Spaces

 Lecture 3  Linear Operators in Inner Product Spaces  Click Here


QM-04  ::  Inadequacy of Classical Theories

QM-05  ::  Advent of Quantum Theory

QM-06  ::  Postulates of Quantum Mechanics

QM-07  ::  Canonical Quantization

QM-08  ::  Eigenvalues Using Commutators

QM-09  ::  Time Development

QM-10  ::  Coordinate and Momentum Representations

QM-11  ::  Time Dependent Schr\"{o}dinger Equation

QM-12  ::  Free Particle

QM-13  ::  Energy Eigenvalues in One Dimension

QM-14  ::  Reflection and Transmission in One Dimension

QM-15  ::  Problems in Two and Three Dimensions

QM-16  ::  Spherically Symmetric Potential in Three Dimensions

QM-17  ::  Addition of Angular Momenta

QM-18  ::  Scattering- Integral Equation

QM-19  ::  Scattering - Partial Wave Expansion

QM-20  ::  Spin and Identical Particles

QM-21  ::  Variation Method

QM-22  ::  WKB Approximation

QM-23  ::  Time Independent Perturbation Theory

QM-24  ::  Approximation Schemes for Time Dependent Problems

QM-25  ::  Semi-classical Treatment of Radiation