TUT/CM-07 :: WorkSheet Small Oscillations

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There are two  problems in this set. The first problem is fully solved with nothing left to imagination.It also demonstrates how solution to this class of problems should be presented.

A soft copy was mailed to the students. They are expected to go through and understand the  solution to the first problem in advance. The students were required to print out the second problem and come to the class with a print out.Alternatively a print copy of problem #2 can be provided. In the class the first one they could read from PDF files on their mobiles.

They are required to complete the details of the second problem during the class by filling the gaps as indicated by ??? marks in red.

This format of tutorial was tested in the way descried above for a summer course in 2018 at Univeristy of Hyderabad. Most of the students could complete in one hour and found this format very helpful.



As explained in the summary, this format of tutorial sheet consists of
(i) a fully solved problem is given.
(ii) a second problem is added in the same template as the first problem but /details of somesteps 
    having been left out. The  student are  reqiured to work out the missing details and
    fill in the gaps marked with ???.

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