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Flow Chart for Harmonic Oscillator

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Proof and Details

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Execl Sheet of Listing of students

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A reason why Internet is not recommended for beginners

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Recall and Application Kronecker \(\delta\) and Levi-Civita \(\epsilon\) symbols

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  1. Writing out all terms for a \(2\times 2\) matrix \(A\), explicitly verify that \[ \epsilon_{ij} \epsilon_{mn} A_{im} A_{jn} = 2\det A. \] where the indices \(i,j,m,n\) take values 1 and 2.
  2. For a three by three matrix A show that \[ \det A = \epsilon_{ijk} A_{i1}A_{j2} A_{k3}.\]
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Einstein Summation Convention and Related Matters

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Examples :: Sum Over all Indices of a Symmetric and an Antisymmetric tensor

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kapoor's picture 19-12-28 03:12:02 n

GellMann theorizes about doing research

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GellMann, who shaped particle physics from sixties to nineties, including proposal of QCD, passed away recently.
Read what lessons Gell-Mann gives about doing research. In two words,"WHY NOT".
In particular it is interesting to see how he gives examples to show that in research, "doubt and messiness are inevitable."
He also recalls a conversation with Dirac when he asked him why Dirac did not predict positrons right away?
Read Dirac's surprising response and more .....

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Optics -Mechanics : A route to the Schrodinger Wave Equation

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Lessons-Part-C Wave mechanics of particle in one dimensional potentials

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Rise of Quantum Mechanics

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Solution 8131- Contour Integration

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Solution 8124 -- Contour Integration

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Not-In-Any-Book :: Classical Mechanics

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History Philosophy and More ... ... ...

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Arnold Sommerfeld Recalls His Teaching Days

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Lecture :: 18-B9: What is Spin?

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Testing Landscape document as Image

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