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Create a Function Plot

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Help A simple function plotter for plotting function, derivative or integral (upto 3 items per plot), and saving the plot as image.

Plot & use

Plot upto 3 functions (or their Derivatives/Integrals!) and save as a single image file.

Insert these graphs from workspace into any webpage, or download and use.

This simple to use function plotter is based on a great web-based plotting tool "openPlaG".


x^2, tan(x), -x^2+x^4

norm(0#1#x), trid(1#2#4#x)pon(1#x),

traj(45#20#9.81#x), dc(5#1#x), sgm(x)


Inserting such links is easy. Type in the function, convert the function text into a link. Set Link URL as 1 or 2 or 3 for plotting it as function 1 or 2 or 3.

Important: Use Advanced tab in Insert/Edit Link popup to set link class as "plot" (without quotes, off course).


For details of the example functions, see the plot help. Notice that function arguments are separated by "#", not by comma

See also

There are several online tools available for plotting functions. See, for example, "Online function grapher", "Graphical Function Explorer", "Interactive mathematics", "2D/3D function plotter", "FooPlot", "Function plotter", 

[Note: Creating graphs from data points is done by charting tools (e.g. "Flot", "jqPlot", "DyGraphs", "jsxGraph".)]

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