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A Site For Authors, Teachers & Learners

This is an easy-to-use web-based create, curate-and-share environment for e-learning content with the following features:

A Quick Look

  • Click the Toolbar icons (Overview) for a sideshow-like overview of 0space.
  • Hover the mouse-pointer over in the Toolbar icons. The tooltips tell what the buttons do.
  • Explore the authoring tools to see how rich content can be created.
  • Have a look at some sample content.
  • If you are interested in the content available here, browse and search!
  • [Note that the Editor and other tools have plenty of features. To be able to use them efficiently in your authoring projects, spend some time in exploring the features first.]

Content Sample


This WYSIWYG HTML Editor has plenty of text formatting and image/video embedding tools.
It has support for mathematical typesetting.
To compactify a content page, you can easily add Tabs, Accordion or Modal popup window in this editor (without programming).
Plot upto 3 mathematical functions (or their derivatives/integrals) online in a single graph. Save the plot as an image in your Workspace, and embed the plot image in your content page anywhere. Draw simple diagrams online and save for embedding in your content. It let you create a Path Diagram of connected rectangular text-boxes. This Path Diagram is Not an image. It is some kind of code, which can be included on a very useful content type named Path page.

Create & Share

  • A Guest/Anonymous user can only see published content.
  • A logged-in (Autheticated) user can post comments only.
  • Additional privileges to author blog or other types of content is available on request made via link on right sidebar.
  • An unpublishedThe author can keep the Publish check-box unchecked to keep the content in draft mode. content is visible only to its author.