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Teachers & Learners

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No Software Needed!

Web-browser is all that you require


Author, Publish & Share

Class notes, Blogs, Books, Plots, Path Diagrams.


Publish and share your subject knowledge.

  • Create/Edit pages online with WYSIWYG editor.
  • Draw, Plot & Save, or Upload media files
  • Attach/embed your existing DOC, PDF, PPT files.
  • Share via Social Networking site.

Explore the Authoring Tools first.

  • Format text, insert mathematical equations, images or (YouTube) videos.
  • Keep pages compact with Tabs and collapsible Accordions.
  • Reduce distraction, use Modal Window, or Embed additional content.

All without 'coding'!

Utilize your workspace.

  • Access your 0space resources from anywhere in the Internet.
  • Keep track of your pages and their authoring statuses.
  • Organize your scanned notes and other media files in folders.


This is not an Online Course site, but you can -

  • Create a Course page with relevant details for your students.
  • Develop a course curriculum as Learning Path Diagram.
  • Publish Topic- or Lesson-pages as Books.

Create Engaging Content

  • Curate or compose content from 0space or Internet (multi-media) resources.
  • Make Tutorials with Tabs, Accordions, Multi-step or Multi-level pages.
  • Use Path diagram to guide learners through a planned sequence of resources.

Use the Interactivity Features

  • Encourage discussions and provide answers to the queries of learners in forums.
  • Ask learners to use Drawing and Plorring tools to create items for posting in discussion forums.
  • Collect feedbacks from students using Webform.
  • Take the interaction out to Social Networking site when appropriate.

Quiz/test and evaluation are not available yet.


0space has 3 things for you.

  1. Content authored/curated by authors or teachers.
  2. Useful authoring/computational tools and links to Internet resources.
  3. Discussion forums and contact form for asking questions or for requesting content to be authored.

Search or Browse

If you are looking for something specific here, use Search.

You may also Browse published pages using the link in the toolbar.

In case the required content is not available, help us by leaving a word about it using the Contact form. Some volunteer will try to contribute.

Participate actively!

Start developing your notes here. For personal use, and for sharing.

Initiate a discussion around your questions in a Forum.

Make very specific requests to teachers or authors about your need.