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Username: cbse

I am a virtual tutor! I plan to interact with 8-12 class students.

I have started with typing in the notes based on -

  • the NCERT text books (Class 8-10; Science and Mathematics only)
  • Irodov's general physics problems

The idea is to collect and organize plenty of relevant and useful learning content in one place to reduce the need to search Internet.

Even though the content is under quality check, it has been published so that users can have a look and provide feedback.

Latest Content by Author

Title Updated datesort ascending
CBSE-10-M: 8 20-02-08 16:02:32
CBSE-09-M: 3 20-02-08 16:02:32
CBSE-09-S: 15 20-02-08 16:02:32
CBSE-08-M:16 20-02-08 16:02:32
CBSE-10-S: 6 20-02-08 16:02:32
CBSE-08-S: 13 20-02-08 16:02:32
CBSE-09-S: 7 20-02-08 16:02:32
CBSE-08-S: 3 20-02-08 16:02:32
CBSE-10-S: 10 20-02-08 16:02:32
CBSE-08-M:06 20-02-08 16:02:32



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