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LEC/QFT-11 Momentum Space Feynman Propagator for Scalar Field

LEC/QFT-11 The Feynman propagator $\Delta_F(x-y)$ as Green Function

LSN/QFT-11 Fyenman Propagator as Green Function of Klein Gordon Equation

LSN/QFT-05 Invariant Functions Related to the Commutator

Sunday Physics:: The Second Law of Thermodynamics

 The Second Law of Thermodynamics

     Dr. S.V. M Sathyanarana

On Line Lecture Given in Sunday Physics (Apr19, 2020)

Thanks to Rithish Bharat for making the pdf copy available.

LEC/QFT-03 Space Time Transformations --- Lorentz Group

LETS/QFT-04001 Let's Talk -- Cauasality in Relativistic Quantum Field Theory

Covariant Description of Spin and Free Particle Dirac Wave Function


When I started teaching, I was asking the same question which every one asks:
What area  is cross section. Internet was not  yet invented. Combed through books
Found an excellent treatment in
R. D.Evans "The Atomic Nucleus" Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. (1955)
You always learn something extra from Masters..

As a bonus found definition and discussion cross section for waves.
Also when you go to quantum theory, since everything has dual nature.
You should ask which definition should be used Evas tells you that you can use any one.

Vectors and Tensors == Comments on Talk-1