[LECS/EM-01002] Electric and Magentic Fields

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From Action at a Distance to Field Concept

The concept of field to describe the interaction of charged particles, instead of instantaneous action is briefly explained.

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Lorentz Force

The expression for force on a charged particle in electric and magnetic fields is given. This is known as the Lorentz force.

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Defining the Electric and Magnetic Fields

We use the Lorentz force on a unit positive charge to define the electric and magnetic fields.

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$\vec B$ vs $\vec H$ --- Naming convention.

We will call \(\vec B\) field as magnetic field when no medium is present.\\ In presence of a magnetic medium, \(\vec B\) will be called magnetic flux density or  magnetic induction. The field \(vec H\) will called  magnetic intensity or magnetic field intensity.

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