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Level :M.Sc.             End Semester Examination              Duration : 3hrs

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Repository-III :: Diverse Resources for Evaluation and Assessment


The Evaluation and Assessment resources are broadly classified into three cognitive levels.

  • This is a repository of resources for evaluation and assessment.
  • Teachers and experts will find it useful for planning tests, quiz and examinations. 
  • This collection is  meant primarily for internal use of Proofs program.
  • One of the important features  of this collection is that the items included are broadly classified according to the level of difficulty and usage etc.
  •  When development stage of  a critical minimum mass is reached, this repository is expected to serve a variety of purposes such as diagnostic, formative and summative assessments.

Usage context

The resources available in this repository include those which can be used
(a) as practice problems
(b) for home work and assignments
(c) Test and Examination Papers

Resource Types

The resources for evaluation and assessment in this repository will be cover all the following six cognitive levels and three categories of assessment .

The six cognitive levels of Bloom's taxonomy
1) Recalling 2) Understanding; 3) Application; 4)Analysis;
5)Synthesis and Creation 6) Evaluation and Judgment,

Three categories of assessment correspond to
1) Diagnostic Assessment 2) Formative Assessment 3) Summative Assessment
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