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QM-05 Rise of Quantum Mechanics

QM-06 Postulates of Quantum Mechanics

QM-07 Canonical Quantization

QM-10 Coordinate and Momentum Representations

QM-13 Potential Problems in One Dimension

QM-17 Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics

QM-18 Quantum Theory of Scattering - Born Approximation

QM-20 Spin and Identical Particles

QM-21 Rayleigh Ritz Variation Method

QM-22 Wentzel Kramers Brillouin Approximation

In all there are two stockpiles.
Stockpile-II (A):: Problem Solving Sessions
Stockpile-II (B) :: Solved Problems

The scope of each lesson and of each problem session is a topic in an area of Physics or Mathematical Physics

For whom is this collection recommended

(i) Part (A) is designed to help newbies to develop problem solving skills.
(ii) Part (B) should be useful for those who already had one exposure to a topic
     in subject area and want to concentrate on one topic in a chosen area.
(iii)Part (b) is recommended for  those who are attending a course and need extra resources

The aim of the stockpiles is to provide resources for

(a) learning to solve problems
) consolidating  learning of a chosen topic
developing problem solving skills

Types of resources

A variety of Problem Solving sessions
Practice  problems
Solved Examples
Short Examples
Case studies

These stockpiles are also aimed to provide resources for teachers who need to plan teaching a topic.


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