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A Site For Authors, Teachers & Learners

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This is an easy-to-use web-based create, curate-and-share environment for e-learning content with the following features:

0space is an easy-to-use web-based environment primarily for learners and (Mathematics and Science) teachers. Teachers can create new, curate available, and share content. The outcome/product of their authoring experiments will be useful for many learners and teachers.

Let us have a closer look.

A content laboratory

This e-learning web-laboratory is -

  • for students, teachers, content authors and general users,
  • to create, organize, and (re)use learning content,
  • to experiment with online tools to compute and plot functions, to draw and to create path,
  • to communicate, discuss, and share.


The 0space environment is more like a laboratory with several tools to explore the challenges involved in authoring content for online use. It is -

  • made up of content, tools, users,  workspaces,
  • browser-based (no software installation needed),
  • can be used for offering online courses.
  • no test/quiz support,
  • limited contributed content available,
  • does not have a project management system.

Tools + Features

  • Online HTML editor, function (derivative and integral also) plotter, drawing tool, path diagrammer.
  • PDFDOC or PPT files can be attached or embedded on a content page.
  • Images and audio-video files can be inserted within text.
  • Support for mathematical expressions in TeX/LaTeX syntax.
  • Content curation.


We are developing the site  -

  • to provide an environment that facilitates collaborative learning objectdevelopment,
  • to raise a community (particularly in India) of subject experts/teachers and learners interested in experimenting with various teaching and learning models,
  • to develop learning object repository for context specific (e.g., self-initiated or guided learning, regular academic program, review course, preparation for competitive examination) tailored re-use.

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