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PROOFS  Programme

My major activity is authoring Physics content and making it available on
This activity is named as 'Physics Resources Online Open and Free Source',

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  • Resources are  organised into several tree hiearachies of different Categories (e.g. Lecture notes, Problems,...)
  • Each category in then subdivided into different Areas of Physics (e.g. Classical Mechanics, EM theory, ...)
  • Not all pages can be reached from here

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( Different areas such as QM, CM... , are divided into MODULES; A module is an aggregate of related topics.)
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Adjunct Professor
Chennai Mathematical Institute      
Siruseri, Kancheepuram
Tamilnadu 603103
 Former Visiting Professor/Guest Faculty
 IIT Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar, 752050;
 TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Science, Hyderabad;        
 BITS-PILANI, Hyderabad Campus;
 Shiv Nadar University, Noida;
 IIIT Hyderabad.
Former Professor
School of Physics
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad 500046, Andhra Pradesh         


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