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Lesson/ME-02001 A Quick Review of Vector Algebra


The Mechanics Lessons included here are part study matertial for a course on Mechanics,
Chennai Mathematical Institute (July - Nov 2019).  

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Levi-Civita Tensor

Repository Masterpieces Recommended for Further Reading

When we read a book, we come across important and useful statements, writeups and comments etc which are found only in masterpieces.  This repository collects a brief introduction to such pieces of articles, from books by masters and other external sources. Frequently, one, or more questions are asked and a  brief answer is given. Reference to the original work is provided for further details.

\(\S 13.2\) Leinard Weichert potentials due to a moving point charge

\(\S\) 23.3 Application to fine structure of hydrogen atom

\(\S\) 23.2 Perturbation theory for degenerate case

\(\S\) 23.1 Non degenerate perturbation theory

18.2 Integral equation

19.4 Phase Shift for Square Well

19.1 Partial Wave Expansion of Plane Waves