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NCERT Textbook Topics

Summary (or abstract) not available for this node.
ranjan ranjan's picture 19/04/19

Useful Internet resources

Summary (or abstract) not available for this node.
ranjan ranjan's picture 02/03/19

Is it difficult to share learning content?

No, if it is already published on Internet.

Yes, if it is mine and is in PDF/DOC/PPT format.

ranjan ranjan's picture 01/03/19

HTML Editor

Help A feature-rich editor with support for mathematical expressions/equations.

ranjan ranjan's picture 19/02/19


Summary (or abstract) not available for this node.
ranjan ranjan's picture 26/10/18

Help & Tips


Every page has -

1. Menubar (top row)
2. Toolbar (just below the top menubar)
3. Wide content area (below toolbar)
4. Right sidebar
5. Page Notices (if hidden, click Notices button)
6. Right sidebar handle (toggles right sidebar)
7. Footer bar (not shown in the picture)

Links and Buttons

Clicking a link/button will load the linked page in -
1. the same browser window,
2. in a new browser window/tab,
3. in a modal window, or
4. might just pop up a message box
Buttons are mostly used to submit some data (e.g, content or comment)

Modal & Popup Windows

Modal & popup windows are ways to show you a new page without moving (navigating) away from the page opened in the current browser window/tab.

Some links and buttons on an opened page might load the next requested page in a box ("modal window") in the foreground. The page content is covered by a partially transparent gray layer making the content  inaccessible (to mouse) until the modal window is closed.

ranjan ranjan's picture 14/10/18

Create New Path Diagram

Help A powerful tool for creating a flow diagram-like page. You can use it to create a learning path page, for example.

ranjan ranjan's picture 12/10/18

Create New Drawing

HelpA drawing tool for quick creation of diagrams for your content. Create, save and insert in your page.

ranjan ranjan's picture 12/10/18

Create a Function Plot

Help A simple function plotter for plotting function, derivative or integral (upto 3 items per plot), and saving the plot as image.

ranjan ranjan's picture 12/10/18

A Sample Path

While the path diagram embedded below illustrates most of the features, its nodes are too crammed.

The path diagram is being rendered within a diagram editor with its own toolbar, which is generally kept hidden in the view mode of this page.

However, you may click "Notices" button next to the search box near top to see the notices. If you are allowed to explore the diagram editor, you'll see a button to make this toolbar visible and use.

ranjan ranjan's picture 30/09/18