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Stockpile of Lessons -- All areas of Physics and Mathematical Physics

This is Stockpile of Lessons. Each Lesson designed so as to be useful for learning and planning course material.

The structure  of lessons is

  1. Lesson Overview
    The Learning Objectives of the lesson and Prerequisite are described.
  2. Main Lesson
  3. End Notes
    • End Notes contain, among other items, Points to Remember. These points  will be required as prerequisite for other lessons which can be taken up as a follow up lessons.
    • A brief description to related topics and links to the Topics for Further Study are included.
    • End notes include, where ever relevant, links to Videos / Lecture Demonstrations and other resources.
    • References for the text material in main lesson are included.

Each lesson corresponds to content material of about 50-75 minutes of class room lecture.
An reader who has some basic familiarity with the subject area can start directly   from any lesson; thereis no need to follow a particular order.

Teachers should  find it helpful in  planning course content and  using the content here for
course delivery.


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Repository of Lecture Notes , Examples and Solved Problems

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This is repository of Lecture Notes, Selected Examples and  Solved Problems.
The content is chosen so as to be useful for class room teaching.


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Proofs Warehouse

This Warehouse tree heirarchy temporarily stores  items for internal use and development of Proofs programme. Some of the items appearing here are being  developed on experimental basis. Most of the items in this tree are likley to  be  moved, or removed, in future.
Still some other items appearing here will serve as  supplementary resources for a course being taught at  a given time. These may not remain available after the course is over.

kapoor kapoor's picture 07/09/19

Proofs Archives

This repository will have a few active courses study material and archived content  of many courses. Unlike other content, the archived items, here, are frozen and will not be updated. The content will include

  • Lectures, Lessons, ProblemSets and Examination Papers contributed by  teachers recognised for their passion and excellence in teaching.
  • More course under preparation under Proofs Programme
  • Original articles etc. which are not accessible easily or are out of print.


Current Courses Mechanics-I and Statistical Mechanics @ Chennai Mathematical Institute can be easily reached from here.

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Repository of Examples and Solved Problems (All Areas) :: Top-Page

This repository is planned to have  selected set of  examples in all areas. Most of the examples are chosen to illustrate some concept or use of important results in simplest possible mathematical setting. Examples requiring a long or tedius mathematical steps are excluded.

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Proofs Repositories :: Top-Page

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In this  repository tree heirarchy you will find will find links to various repositories  of  various resources such as lecture notes, problems for all topics.  These repositories are being bult up continuosly and the items will be updated from time to time.

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Proofs Bibliography

This is  bibliography for all Proofs Content. We provide reference in bibtex  format.
Thus individual entrires can be copied and pasted.
A content author should find this feature useful.

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Proofs Stockpile of Lessons, Problem and Solution Sets and More

This is a Stockpile of Lessons, Problem and Solution Sets and more.
Most of the content will  be ready to use for courses.

Stockpile can be defined as

  • a reserve supply of something essential accumulated within a country for future use
  • a gradually accumulated reserve of something


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External Resources

Summary (or abstract) not available for this node.
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Repository of Module Summaries and Facts to be Remembered -- (All Areas)

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This repository is planned to have summaries of important  results and fact worth memorizing.

For selected subtopics in some areas,  list of facts to be memorized is made available.
This is being developed on a experimental basis. It will be expanded and merged with other content if found useful.


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Stockpile of Problem Sessions , Solutions and More :: Top-Page

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This repository  will have a variety of "Problem Sessions".

Problems Sessions are designed to be useful for teachers and students as well.

Many problem sessions in Part-II of my book on Complex Variables 
will fall into the classes listed in the mainbody of this page  .. .. ..


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To see which courses are available in this repository and which are being developed, REFRESH the page and use the links in

in the top line of the page. The Table of Content can be expanded/collapsed a click there.

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Repository Masterpieces Recommended for Further Reading

When we read a book, we come across important and useful statements, writeups and comments etc which are found only in masterpieces.  This repository collects a brief introduction to such pieces of articles, from books by masters and other external sources. Frequently, one, or more questions are asked and a  brief answer is given. Reference to the original work is provided for further details.

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Diamond Point --- Cross Roads


This is Diamond Point for all contents. You can reach Cross-Roads for different topics in every  area. The cross road for a topic has links to all the content available in Proofs programme related to the topic.

At present only a few Cross-Roads
are available. As the Proofs content grows more and more Cross Roads pages will start making appearance  ...... Have patience and visit again, Thank you.

You can always get link to this page by searching for  Diamond-Point

kapoor kapoor's picture 12/05/19

Contributed Documents :: Home-Page

Contributed Documents :: Home-Page
This page gives links  to documents received from different sources.

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Repository of Special Purpose Units (All Areas) :: Top-Page

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Several special purpose units are planned. Currently available units are

  1. Physics Lessons Units
  2. Problem Solving Units
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Complex Variables --- Principles and Problem Sessions :: Top-Page

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 This section of the contents will have solutions to Problems in Part-II of the book

A. K. Kapoor, "Complex Variables --Principles and Problem Sessions"
World Scientific Publshers, Singpore (2011);
Low priced edition by Cambridge  University Press

Errata to the above book will also appear in this tree hierarchy.


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Evaluation and Assessment [ All Areas of Physics and Mathematical Physics ]

The content  of assessment the four repositories will be  cover all the following six  cognitive levels  and three categories of assessment .

The  six cognitive levels of Bloom's taxonomy
   1) Recalling  2) Understanding; 3) Application; 4)Analysis;
   5)Synthesis and Creation  6) Evaluation and Judgment,

Three categories of assessment
   1) Diagnostic Assessment  2)  Formative Assessment  3)  Summative Assessment
See main body of the page to learn more ....

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Repository of Problems (All Areas ) :: Top Page

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