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PSU-QM-19001 ---- Scattering Theory :: Partial Wave Analysis

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PSU-QM-17001 ---- Addition of Angular Momenta

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Class Room Lecture Notes Repository :: Top-Page

Each Class Room Lecture Note in Physics and Mathematics, made available here, is  focussed on one aspect of a topic and is self-contained, stand-alone and no-frills document.

To see what is available Click on

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To reach pages like this enter   TOP-PAGE in the search box and hit return.

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Cross Roads == Control-Room


This is Control-Room for all contents. You can reach Cross-Roads for different topics in every  area. The cross road for a topic has links to all the content available in Proofs programme related to the topic.

For example, in the table of contents, if you click on
QM-Cross Roads-06 Postulates of Quantum Mechanics
you will see all the links related to this topic.

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You can always come to this page by typing  Control-Room  in the serach box.

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WebQuests (All Areas) Repository :: Top-Page

For browsing content in this repository REFRESH this page and use links in

\(\triangleright\) BOOK:  TABLE OF CONTENT

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Problem Sessions Repository :: Top-Page

About Problem Sessions:
Porblem Sessions consist of handpicked selection of problems or questions,
each with a well defined objective.

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Documentation of \(~\LaTeX~\) macros and special tricks :: Top-Page

In this section of pages I will document the macros that I have used for creation of content files uploaded.

It is planned to provide source code for all the content that has been created and made available.  In order that an interested person may make use of these LaTeX source code files it is necessary that all the commnads and macros that have been defined be made available. Also it is considered important that all command definitions along with examples be documented.

While working on Proofs  project a few  special techniques to solve definite problems were required. These requirements as well as the solution found are also documented. It  is hoped that some of these will have uses beyond the Proofs LaTeX source code files.


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Wonderful World of WWW :: Top-Page

 सकल पदारथ एहि जग माही, कर्महीन नर पावत नाही 

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Complex Variables --- Principles and Problem Sessions :: Top-Page

This section of the contents will have solutions to Problems in Part-II of the book

A. K. Kapoor, "Complex Variables --Principles and Problem Sessions"
World Scientific Publshers, Singpore (2011);
Low priced edition by Cambridge  University Press

Errata to the above book will also appear in this tree hierarchy.

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Find the normalized  spin wave functions of a spin $1/2$ particle for the following cases.

  1. Spin of the particle is along the direction $(n_1,n_2,n_3)$.
  2. Spin projection of the particle along the unit vector $(n_1,n_2,n_3)$ is $-\hbar/2$.


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