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Help :: Start-Page

The help pages provide the meta-information about Content

The Proofs Content Pages are classified as follows:

  1. Repositories:
    The content repositories are categorised into Lecture Notes; Questions and Problems; Short Questions and Solved-Problems etc Click To Know More; 
    Search Tips ::

  2. Subject Areas:
    This is standard and more Common classification
    Planned subject areas : Classical Mechanics; Electromagnetic Theory, Quantum Mechanics and more.  
    Search Tips :: Control-Room; Cross-Roads ;

  3. Archived Courses:
    contain course study made available  by my friends and teachers. These resources were created by them while teaching a course. These may include Lecture Notes, Assignments, Quiz, Test and Examination papers, Solutions etc
    Search Tips :: Start-Page ; Top-Page

  4. Special Purpose Units
    These are planned  and being develope to help student in learning a subject and in problem solving.
    Search Tips :: Start-Page ; Top-Page

  5. Links to External Content
    Search Tips :: Start-Page WWW

Search and Navigation Tips

How to come to this Home Page ?
>> Type >>  Help-Start-Page   >>> in the search box.

How to see more Help-Pages ?     >> Type >>   Help-Page > in the search box.


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Wonderful World of WWW :: Start-Page

Links to lot of interesting sites are given. At present it is all unclassified. 

You can Expand/Collapse \(\rhd\) Table of Contents at the top of the page 

Or else follow automatically  generated navigation links at the bottom of the page.


 सकल पदारथ एहि जग माही, कर्महीन नर पावत नाही 

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Help-Page-02 :: Search-Page for Proofs Content


All content pages of the Proofs Program can be reached by Searching or by going to Home Pages of different categories of content.

Some Useful tips for locating  what you want by entering a search key in the Search Box

  1. Use links given below on this page;

  2. How  to  Come  Back to This Page ?
    You can reach this page from anywhere by  typing Search-Page in search box;
    Click here to see what you would get.

  3. You can go  to a page with links to different Top-Pages by searching for Top-Page
    Click here to see what you would get .

  4. You can get links to all categories of content by typing Start-Page in Search-Box
    Click here to see the result of such a search.

  5. You can get links to all Cross-Roads by searching for Cross-Roads.
    Click here to see the  search results.
  6. If you know what you are looking for, make use of search box with appropriate key words such as   WKB, Bound State  etc.

 In addition to the above it is useful to remember that

  1. Almost all content  pages have   a  Table of Contents which can be expanded   and collapsed.
  2. Expand the Table of Contents, if required, and use links in the Table of Contents to select a subject  (QM, CM, EM, SM and more...)
  3. Make use of links created automatically and displayed at the bottom on most content  pages. This is useful for navigating to   previous page, next page and to pages one or more Levels up.

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Repository of Physics Lesson Units :: Top-Page

 While  Class Room Lectures, available elsewhere on this site, are designed to be stand alone, and without any "frills", Units of Lessons in Physics come with several features expected to be useful for a first time learner. There are no black boxes, all details are supplied, though sometimes in gray boxes. On the sidelines, emphasis on points likely to missed is provided.   Questions, notes and comments etc have been embedded in the lessons which may help in improving the focus and communication of the subject  matter.  

To browse and to access the links to the TABLE of CONTENTS of this repository, REFRESH the page.

 \(\triangleright\) BOOK:  TABLE OF CONTENT   can be expanded and collapsed by clicking there.

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Quantum Mechanics == Cross-Roads == Home-Page

Quantum Mechanics Cross Roads

All quantum mechanics resources for a chosen topic can be reached from cross roads for that topic

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Summary (or abstract) not available for this node.
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\(\S 14.2\) Harmonic Oscillator in Three Dimensions

Quantum Mechanics Lecture Notes - 14 HOME PAGE
Problems in Higher Dimensions


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QM-Lecture Notes-14 Problems in Higher Dimensions

Quantum Mechanics Lecture Notes - 14 HOME PAGE
Problems in Higher Dimensions


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Mechanics Simulations and Videos

Mechanics Simulations and Videos

Shared a post by
Madhuri Kumari via Jonathan Freundlich

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Documentation of \(~\LaTeX~\) macros and special tricks :: Start-Page

In this section of pages I will document the macros that I have used for creation of content files uploaded.

It is planned to provide source code for all the content that has been created and made available.  In order that an interested person may make use of these LaTeX source code files it is necessary that all the commnads and macros that have been defined be made available. Also it is considered important that all command definitions along with examples be documented.

While working on Proofs  project a few  special techniques to solve definite problems were required. These requirements as well as the solution found are also documented. It  is hoped that some of these will have uses beyond the Proofs LaTeX source code files.


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