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Contributed Documents
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The Central Board of Secondary Education (abbreviated as CBSE) is a Board of Education for public and private schools in India.

This section is for educational resources for CBSE curriculum.

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QM-Problem Solving Unit-22 WKB Approximation

Problem Solving Unit-1 

Bound State Energies, Tunneling Through a Barrier
In this unit use of the WKB approximation for estimating bound state energies and transmission through a barrier is explained through short examples and solved problems. A couple of  exercise sets containing practice problems on direct application of the WKB results are included. No prior knowledge of WKB approximation is required. 

This unit is designed to be self contained and learning to solve problem from this unit does not require use of any other text book or reference material.  Details of derivations of WKB formula  are not needed and are not included here.


  1. Tips
  2. Estimating Bound State Energies
  3. Tunneling Through a Barrier

Users are welcome to post comments, questions at the end of the page and also to contribute problems.


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