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This is a collection of problems classified as falling under
Application and Analysis levels of Bloom's taxonomy.
Full solutions are available for selected problems.
Very useful for teachers who are teaching  course on quantum mechanics.

  • The modules for which questions are available will be shown here in blue.
  • Other modules will be  listed in gray font. 
  • Each question will have an QId in the format qm/xxx/mm/nnn.
    (mm-> Module Id ; nnn -> item id; where xxx indicates a question of type Analysis and Application level Bloom Taxonomy) 

Quantum Mechanics Modules

  1. Classical Theories Revisited
  2. Fundamental Cooncepts of Vector Spaces
  3. Inner Product Spaces
  4. Hilbert Spaces
  5. Rise of Quantum Mechanics
  6. Postulates of Quantum Mechanics
  7. Canonical Quantization and Simutaneous Measurement
  8. Power of Canonical Commutation Relations,
    Applicationto harmonic oscillator and Angular momentum
  9. Time Evolution of Quantum Systems 
  10. Coordinate and Momentum Representation
  11. Schrodinger Equation in Coordinate Representation
  12. Free particle
  13. Potential Problems in One Dimension
  14. Systems in Higher Dimensions
  15. Methods of Exact Solution
  16. Spherically Symmetric Potential Problems
  17. Addition of Angular Momentum
  18. Scattering-1 Integral Equation, Born Approximation
  19. Scattering-2 Partial Wave Analysis
  20. Spin and Identical Particles
  21. Variation Method
  22. Wentzel Kramers  Brillouin Approximation
  23. Time Independent Perturbation Theory
  24. Time Dependent Perturbation Theory 
  25. Semi-classical Theory of Radiation

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