Random Mix-02 Improper Riemann Integrals

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Random Mix-02
Improper Riemann Integrals



  1. E. C. TitchMarsh, 'The Theory of Functions", Oxford University Press (1939)
  2. A. K. Kapoor, "Complex  Variables, Principles and Problem Sessions", Cambridge University Press (2011)

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Comments: 1. The 'principal value' is mistyped as 'principle value'. 2. The Cauchy principal value exists for those functions for which there is a cancellation between the contributions from two symmetrical infinitesimal sides of the point at which integrand is singular. 3. Lest the students get an impression that meaning of integrals is arbitrary or that it depends on some "tricks"; one should give them some idea about generalized functions.

Will provide link to generalzed functions.
Thanks! Spelling Corrected.