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2010-QM-II @ HCU :: Problem Solving Sessions

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Session-I::Spin Wave Functions and Operators
Session-II:: Addition of Angular Momenta
Session III::Spin and Identical Particles
Session IV::Bound State Perturbation Theory
Session V: Born Approximation
Session VI::Integral Equation, Green Function in One Dimension
Session VII::Variation Method
Session VIII::Perturbation Theory
Session IX:: GroupActivity-1
Session X::Group Activitty-2


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  • This  collection has a variety of archived  teaching resources.
  • Contributed by friends colleagues and by some of my teachers at different institutions. 
  • Resources of  selected courses given by me at different  institutions.
  • The resources can be downloaded
  • Online viewing of resources here is not supported.


This is  proofs archive. This  collection  is planned to have :

(A)  Set of resources used for courses offered at different institutions  and made available by teachers, friends and colleagues acknowledged for their love, passion and excellence in teaching.

(B) Selected scanned resources  for found useful for  different  courses in  more than one  area of Physics and more ...

The course material as described  above is mostly available for preview and downloads only.
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