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2015 -MeOW @BITS Hyderabad :: Home Work

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This set of home work  assignments were prepared for

First Semester Course MeOW (Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves)
2015 Batch of B.Tech program
at BITS-Pilani University Hyderabad (July-Nov 2015).

More than 700 different  question papers and answer sets  were generated by
an automated process for  class of 700 students.

Each student was given a different set of question paper for home work.

The students were asked to submit their answers online.
The evaluation of answers was done also automated.

The process tested automation of generating  ranking  type of  question papers and evaluation.
It is possible to extend it to other types of questions and is likley to be useful for large classes.




The process of automating the creation and evaluation of a large number of assignments
will be described elsewhere. A link will appear  here in due  course of time.
To have an idea of type of questions download the attached pdf file having 730 different Assignment papers.


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This is  proofs archive. This  collection  is planned to have :

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