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Evaluation and Assessment [ All Areas of Physics and Mathematical Physics ]

Evaluation and Assessment [ All Areas of Physics and Mathematical Physics ]

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The content  of assessment the four repositories will be  cover all the following six  cognitive levels  and three categories of assessment .

The  six cognitive levels of Bloom's taxonomy
   1) Recalling  2) Understanding; 3) Application; 4)Analysis;
   5)Synthesis and Creation  6) Evaluation and Judgment,

Three categories of assessment
   1) Diagnostic Assessment  2)  Formative Assessment  3)  Summative Assessment
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The assessment content is organized into four categories as follows. The separtion of the content in dfferent categories is not designed to be watertight. 

The first repository will be seen to have content mostly corresponding to  the first two levels of Bloom's Taxonomy
(i) Recall and (ii) Comprehension. A part of the content will be designed  corresponding to the levels
(iii) Analysis and (iv)Application
.  This content will be mostly useful for diagnostic and to some extent for 

formative assessment too.

The content of the second repository  is designed for formative and summative assessments and corresponding ot the levels (ii) Understandingorg (iiI)  Application and (iv) Analysis will appear in  the second repository. This could be used for formative and summative assessments.

The third reposititory content is primarily meant for home work, and summative assessments and most it will fall into levels (iii) Application and (iv) Analysis of  Bloom's  taxonomy.

The fourth repository is intended to have  content corresponding to the levels (v) Synthesis (vI) evaluation and judgment.
Part of the content appearing here can be used for summative assessment.  The contents going beyond the above classifications, and as well as  higher order  assessments, will appear in this repository.

It is important to emphasize that the above classifications is only suggestive and is meant to give an idea of what is in store. The categorization  is a suggestive of how the content could be used. The final usage will differ from one context to another and  may also differ from teacher to teacher.

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