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Short articles describing selected resources of chosen topics will start appearing here.

Many  important topics in Physics and interest  to working physicist   are  advanced topics  and beyond text books. While articles on  everything on the erath can now be searched thank  to the internet search engines. Many  times, a student has to invest a significant amount of time  to locate  the best source to learn  a topic;  while learning process itself may  require  only a  fraction of total time  spent.

Articles that cover these topics which are mostly in adavnced text books or journals will appear in this book-hierarchy . One of the features of the articles will be no-black box, i.e. , enough details will be provided to make it transparent to an average upcoming gradute student and even to  a bright undergrduate who may have much less exposure to the subject. Topics will include, but are not limited to, advanced topics beyond text books and are not  intense  research activity. These will also include those which require a collecting information from several different areas of Physics.

Resources, recommended by my teacher-friends, for selected topics will be included  here.  Times full articles written for this purpose will be found here. 

Visitors are requested to leave suggestions and comments on what is available and what else they would like to recommend for inclusion here.


Coming very soon:

  1. Cherenkov Radiation
  2. Unstability of Rutherford Model; Time for fall to center;
  3. Momentum Tensors by Abraham and Minkowsi
  4. Hidden Momentum of Electromagnetic Field
  5. Green function and Application in  Different Areas of Physics
  6. Bremhsstralung


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