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 While  Class Room Lectures, available elsewhere on this site, are designed to be stand alone, and without any "frills", Packs of Lessons in Physics come with several features expected to be useful for a first time learner. There are no black boxes, all details are supplied, though sometimes in gray boxes. On the sidelines, emphasis on points likely to missed is provided.   Questions, notes and comments etc have been embedded in the lessons which may help in improving the focus and communication of the subject  matter.  

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A few Lecture Notes are integrated to form  Packs of Lessons in Physics and Maths.
Each Pack of Lessons in Physics and Maths contains a few focussed Lessons  around a selected topic.
The Lecture Notes themselves are by design "stand alone" and "no-frills" notes
and do not  further structure. 
However, Units of Lessons in Physics and Maths have the following structure.

  1. Instuction Goals
  2. Syllabus
  3. Prerequisites
  4. Lesson1, Lesson2, \(\ldots\)
  5. Notes and References

Each Lesson in a Pack  of Lessons  will consist of the following.

  1. Recall Important Facts, Reality Check for preparedness
  2. Main Lesson
  3. Quick Questions for Self Assessment
  4. Notes and References



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