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 This section of the contents will have solutions to Problems in Part-II of the book

A. K. Kapoor, "Complex Variables --Principles and Problem Sessions"
World Scientific Publshers, Singpore (2011);
Low priced edition by Cambridge  University Press

Errata to the above book will also appear in this tree hierarchy.


Complex Variables ::  Solutions and  Errata....



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[L4] Complex Variables :: Solutions and Errata

Complex Variables --- Principles and Problem Sessions  SOLUTIONS and ERRATA


This tree hierarchy has
(a) Solutions for Problem Sessions and
(b) Errata
for my 
book on complex variables.

I take this opportunity to thank my friend and colleague, Prof. T. Amarnath, from School of Mathematics, University of Hyderabad for his kind words of appreciation and for recommending the book to National Board of Higher Mathematics for inclusion in scheme of distribution of mathematics books to Universities and Institutes in India.



Starting with this page the solutions to the problem sessions in the book

Complex Variables --- Principles and Prolems Sessions
published by World Scientific Singapore (2011)

are being made available for reference