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REMIT/EM-04001 Properties of Conductors

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An ideal conductor in electrostatics has the following important properties.

  1. Conductors has electrons that  move freely inside the body of the conductor
  2.  A conductor is an equipotential surface. The electric potential is constant throughout the 
    body of a conductor.
  3. In side the body of a conductor the electric field is zero.
  4. There cannot be any charge inside the body of a conductor.
  5. The charge density resides on the external surface.
  6. The electric field just outside the conductor is normal to the surface and is given by \(\sigma/\epsilon_0\), where \(\sigma\) the surface charge density.
  7. The electric  field inside an empty cavity in the body of a conductor is zero.
  8. A cavity inside the body of a conductor is shielded from the electrostatic field out
    side the conductor.




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