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This repository  will have a variety of "Problem and Solution Sets".

Many problem sessions in Part-II of my book on Complex Variables  will fall into the classes listed below.

Problems and Solution Sets are designed to be, but not limited to be, useful for

  1. teachers looking for a veriety of  problems for assessment and evaluation;
  2. student who needs assistance in solving problems;
  3. student who may not want assistance in solving problems before trying out himself/herself;
  4. student bored of solving text bookish problems and is looking for interesting and challenging problems, some are with solutions and more problems, and others without solutions. This  category of problems and sets is  not found in text book.




The Problem amd Solution Sets in this repository come in a variety of formats . To give an idea the repository will have

  1. Solution sets on a selected topic in an area of Physics :
    These sets will have a couple of hand picked solved problems and a collection of problems that may be attempted. Useful for stutdents who are studying B.Sc; M.Sc.

  2. Problem Sessions:
    Many  of these go beyond the problems seen in text books. Some others will compile a problem set across different disciplines, and many more types.

  3. Tutorial sessions:
    These come in several different formats. Each suitable for a class of problems
    Designed to help learning to solve problems requiring varying degree of skills from several topics

  4. Sets designed for  training to solve problems; assessment and evaluation of problem solving skills.

  5. and MORE ....

These sets are broadly classified as

PaSS-1 : Beginner's Level; Suitable for training and formative assessment
PaSS-2 : Sets  at medium level ; Suitable for training and evaluation.
PaSS-3 : Advanced level learners; Suitable for an advanced learner looking for more problems to solve.
                Also recommended for advanced refresher courses.
PaSS-9: Unclassified assorted collection

If you are not sure where to start, CLICK here  and go to PaSS-2 sets.





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