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Lesson Part-A Rise of Quantum Theory

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  • Syllabus

Inadequacy of classical theories. Landmarks in rise of quantum theory.
Review of classical and quantum particle and wave concepts. Uncertainty
principle. The changes and new concepts brought in by quantum theory.
Wave mechanics of a single point particle.

  • Prerequisites

A  familiriarity  with inadequcies of classical theories is assumed.

  • Goals

  1. briefly discuss success and failures of classical theories
  2. recall important develpments that led to birth of quantum mechanics
  3. summarize the concepts that needed to be revised and new concepts that came in
  •  Highlights and Points to Remember

You must remember every thing that is given in this lesson. So
swot the following as much as you can:

  •  Inadequacies of classical  theories
  •  Landmarks developments which finally shaped quantum theory
  •  Conceptual changes brought in by quantum theory.

It is possible that you may not fully understand  some of the points at this stage.
A subject is almost never
fully understood in the first reading.
You must keep revisiting this lesson
frequently. It is hoped that you will be able
to understand all that is written
here as we progress.




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