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Special Purpose Units

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For page specific messages


  • Several types of  Special Purpose Units will be made available.
  • You can find more details in the write up given below.
  • The scope of these units is a topic, usually a smaller subtopic.
  • Links will be made available as and when the units are uploaded.
  • Click on the topic of interest to see start browsing the available units.

 1.  Classical Theories Revisited
 2.  A Quick Review of Vector Spaces
 3.  Inner Product Spaces
 4.  Infinite Dimensional Vector Spaces
 5. 30 Years That Shook Physics
 6. Postulates of Quantum Mechanics
. Canonical Quantization
 8. Eigenvalues Using Commutators
 9. Time Development
10. Coordinate and Momentum Representation

 11. Time Dependent Schrodinger Equation
 12. Free Particle and Particle in a Box
 13. Energy Eigenvalue Problems in One Dimension
 14. Problems in Two Dimensions
 15. Potentials with Special Properties
 16. Spherically Symmetric Potentials
 17. Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics
18. Scattering  --- Three Dimensions, Born Approximaton
19. Method of Partial Waves
20. Spin and Identical Particles  
 21. Variation Method
 22. WKB Approximation
 23. Time Independent Perturbation Theory
 24. Time dependent Perturbation Theory
 25. Semi Classical Theory of Radiation 



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