Special Purpose Packages

For page specific messages
For page specific messages

Special purpose packages have the following features.

  • Each package consists of one or more units. Each unit is designed to be a focussed
    on a small number of related topics. 
  • Well defined prequisites
  • Definite learning objectives in mind.
  • Self contained and do  not contain any references or links to external resources 
    You will not need to consulting references outside
    such as printed articles and books  and inertnet sites 
  • Each complete unit is made available for  download as  tar bundle or a zipped file

At present following two types of  Special Purpose  Packages for  
Problem Solving in Quantum Mechanics  are being made available. 

  1. Short Questions Package
    Recall and Understanding Level of Bloom's Taxonomy 

  2. Problem Solving Package
    Application and Analysis Level of Bloom's Taxonomy


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