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\(\S\S\) 7.3 Exercise ----- Integrals of Type \(\int Q(x) \,dx\)

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Chapter 7 on contour integration is being taken up first.


 Chapter 7  \(\S\S\) 7.3 Improper Integrals of the form   \(\int Q(x)\, dx\)

Solutions to Exercise 7.3 
7.3.1  7.3.2  7.3.3  7.3.4  7.3.5  7.3.6  7.3.7  7.3.8  7.3.9  7.3.10  7.3.11  7.3.12  7.3.13 7.3.14

A few words about solutions to this problem set. The most of the problems here can be done by closing the contour in the upper half plane. The justification comes from use of Darboux theorem. For some problems use of circular arc of some suitable angle is needed. This part is explained in the book and is repeated here only for one problem which is typed. All other solutions are given as scans of handwritten sheets. we only give the computational details, so that the reader may check her/his answers.

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