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For page specific messages
  • This is an initiative, an effort to explain certain topics of different Physics areas in detail or from a different point of view.
  • It will include, but will not be limited to, those aspects that are almost never covered / explained, and possibly cannot even be covered, in a text book. Some teachers may cover them in a class room lectures. 
  • This collection will include articles on those aspects of known areas which a teacher may have taken pains to explain, and articles on known facts from a new prespective . All such articles can be made available to others through this platform..
  • A reference will be provided if it is generally not available in texts and is contained in only a selected book, possibly the only  one. 
  • This will be a random collection to start with. It is hoped that the material will start "organising itself" in due course.
  • The first such article is about boundary conditiond imposed on solution of Schrodinger equation in quantum mechanics.
  • One of the aims is to provide where ever possible, an alternate view  to read on before you get corrupted by "folklore". 
  • My student friends are invited to ask questions which may provide me food for thought and act as catalysis for me to write more.
  • Your feedback, questions and remarks on these articles are valuable for me, and may be posted in the at the end of the article. 



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