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Physics Resources Online Open and Free Source, PROOFS, is a community based project to create, share, and provide content to every one involved in teaching and learning of Physics and Mathematics. It is the policy of the author that the contents of the PROOFS project will remain always available for downloading freely on World Wide Web.

The PROOFS project differs from other similar projects in a number of ways in its objectives and as well as features. The details of PROOFS project can be found here.

The content from PROOFS  project is made available and distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


An Important Policy Statement

The new, "Google" generation of students  are corrupted by the information that becomes available on their finger tips by a few clicks of mouse. Many of them loose ability  to distinguish between  works of masters and ordinary mortals. Ordinary mortals here mean those who do not have time and energy, willingness and ability to produce the very best  content.  An average student gets drowned in the flood of mediocre, imprecise and,  at times misleading, content and is rarlely interested in learning from masters.

It is not uncommon to find that  a work contains misleading, or outright wrong pieces of writing, and it propagates due to the brand value of the author or publishing house.

On the other hand others works by many teachers, authors and friends,  which deserve to be better known, do not reach wider audience. With passage of time, due to   new developments in subject, and at times for reasons as silly as a notation going out of fashion, quite often excellent text books and articles go into oblivion.

One of the aims of the PROOFS programme is to take writing by Masters to the learner. . It is intended as a way of creating awareness about what one misses when one does not learn from Masters. The joy of learning from Masters can not br described in words, it only be experienced.

Frequently, extracts of an original work are reproduced in the original, and the source is identifed, and the reader is encouraged to learn more from the orginal work. We hope   that our efforts will not be viewed as infringment upon intecllectual rights  authors. Where ever possible a reference to the original source given.

All such resources are being made available with sole objective of promoting teaching and learning, in the same spirit as one shares photocpies with a class. No commercial use will ever be made by the author(s)  or by the site administrators.

For the resources,  credit  must be given where it is due. Giving credit and  references to the orginal problems and solved examples is a difficult task. In absence of clarity about the original source, occasionally thanks are given to  a teacher or friend who first provided, or drew attention to,  a particular interesting problem or example. Many of the  problems here were used for courses  taught at University of Hyderabad before internet and search engines arrived and became popular. This was several years , 30 ~ 35 yrs,  before the PROOFS programme concieved and the source information was not retained.  For all such problems and other resources have been credited as coming from anonymous source.

The visitors are encouraged to identify the source by leaving comments in the comments section.

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