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The content is made available as:
EM Resource Repsository
EM Special Purpose Packages

The content available is classified as follows

1Resource Repsository

This compilation is a repository of different types of resources. Presently available resources are broadly  classified as

  • Teaching and learning resources
    These resources are primarily concerned about class room activity such as
    •  Lecture Notes; These are no frill, plain notes 
    • Lessons come with many features such as Prerequisites, learning objectives etc.
    • Short Examples and Solved Problems 
    • Brief Question and Answers, Discussion Sessions, Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Problem solving and assessment
    The resources for problem solving activity  are grouped according to Bloom's Taxonomy
    as described below.
    •  Recalling and Understanding
      This includes questions and answers on recalling and remembering facts.
      Short questions and Quiz etc
      for assessing understandng of a topic. 
    • Application and Analysis
      The resources available are labeled as  
      Question Repository, Tutorial, Exercise, Random Mix etc.
    • Syntehsising  and evaluation
      This class of resources contains 
      Ranking Quiz Sets, Grade the Sample Answers etc

  • Resources for activities that take place outside class room.
    Examples of available reources are
    WebQuest; Project and Presentation Assignments;

  • Even more; Not yet classified. 

More resource types will be added in due course. 

 2 Special Purpose Packages

Special purpose packages have the following features.

  • Each package consists of one or more units. Each unit is designed to be a focussed
    on a small number of related topics. 
  • Well defined prequisites
  • Definite learning objectives in mind.
  • Self contained and do  not contain any references or links to external resources 
    You will not need to consulting references outside
    such as printed articles and books  and inertnet sites 
  • Each complete unit is made available for  download as  tar bundle or a zipped file

At present folloing two types of  Special Purpose  Packages for  
Problem Solving in Quantum Mechanics  are being made available. 

1 Recall and Understandng Questions Package 
2Application and Analysis type Problem Solving Package


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