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How to Create Problems for Students (Part-I)

In this blog I share my sceme of creating problems and assessment for teaching and evaluation.

A very very useful collection of links to Physics Videos.

The Proofs Programme has only a beginning

In a particle physics text book "Elementary Particles and Their Currents" written in 1968, the author, Jermey Bernstein concludes the book by 

History of Matrix Mechanics and Heisenberg's Contributions to Quantum Mechanics

 "Birth of Quantum Mechanics" by Jagdish Mehra

A delightful lecture by Jagdish Mehra, later published as CERN Report in 1976, gives blow by blow account of how Heisenberg's ideas developed and what his contemporaries thought about his works.  This report is being made available to everyone as an attachement here.


Jagdish Mehra, "Birth of Quantum Mechanics ", Heisenberg Memorial Lecture ( March 30, 1976), Published as   CERN Report 76-10

Uncertainty Principle : An Application Straight from Landau Lifshitz

In this blog I take you to an original argument in the book, by Landau Lifshitz's on Qunatum Mechanics, about using uncertainty principle to determine if the number of bound states  for a potential will  be finite or infinite.  

Proposed Physics Content on 0space (Part-I ): Important features.

When did you first come across a serial some where? You may or may not remember, but I do.

For my SF volunteers.

Dear student friends,

I have earlier contacted you regarding your plan during winter vacations. Many of you have been

asking about the work to be done. If you can spare time and energy, please create an account and

sign in http://0Space.org.  Leave a message as a comment/reply to this page.

The message should have information about the days you will be available in HCU.

Depending on repsonse by SFs and your availability now and in Jan, Feb 2014, the activity

for each SF will be  finalized.

Best wishes for your onging examinations.

You have nothing to loose except your fobia

You have nothing to loose except your fobia

I usually put in a lot of effort to ensure that my SF's open up and start participating in class room discussions.  However, the results have been very discouraging. I have never understood, WHY?

Loosing sight of forest while looking at the trees?

Two of the major requirements of giving full details and providing the  flow of the text and logical sequence in a transpaprent fashion  conflict each other. A majority of beginners feel lost if some details are suppressed or they are asked to work out them selves. On the other hand providing algebra and calculus details, all steps, has the danger that the reader might not see the overall  structure and flow of logic in the article. 

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