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Google API is a set of application programming interfaces  developed by Google which allow communication with Google Services and their integration to other services. Examples of these include Search, Gmail, Translate or Google Maps.

How to Create Problems for Students (Part-I)

In this blog I share my sceme of creating problems and assessment for teaching and evaluation.

A very very useful collection of links to Physics Videos.

System Admin Questions Answers

Recently, there are recruitments of system admin personel. For that, I have created some questions. I am sharing those here.Smile

C++ questions and answers

I recently taught C++. In this course, I created some questions for exam, lab exam and assignment. I am sharing those here.Smile

The Proofs Programme has only a beginning

In a particle physics text book "Elementary Particles and Their Currents" written in 1968, the author, Jermey Bernstein concludes the book by 

My First Crawler

I need to crawl the website containing the drugs classification and extract the follwoing information:-

Manufacturer of drugs

contents of drugs

and form/paking of drugs. 

History of Matrix Mechanics and Heisenberg's Contributions to Quantum Mechanics

 "Birth of Quantum Mechanics" by Jagdish Mehra

A delightful lecture by Jagdish Mehra, later published as CERN Report in 1976, gives blow by blow account of how Heisenberg's ideas developed and what his contemporaries thought about his works.  This report is being made available to everyone as an attachement here.


Jagdish Mehra, "Birth of Quantum Mechanics ", Heisenberg Memorial Lecture ( March 30, 1976), Published as   CERN Report 76-10

Downloading Block Gmail attachment

Python script for downloading block Gmail attachment

Making Android App using Drupalgap

This is step by step guide for making andriod app using drupalgap.